Can You Get Your RN Degree Faster?

Avoid The Traditional RN School Waiting Lists – Read how to QUALIFY and SUCCEED in Online RN Programs.

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- Have you been struggling to become a Registered Nurse by going to school part time?
- Exhausted from taking all those pre-requisite courses?

Do you have courses that traditional nursing schools say are "too old" and they won't count them anymore?
Did you have to drop out of an RN program?
OR are you just tired of waiting on a school entry list - with no end in sight?

After seven+ years of Independent Nursing Degree Advising and teaching over 4,500 people how to qualify and take advantage of Online Nursing Degree Programs, Joy has written a book to share her little-known Degree Acceleration Tactics to help Working Adults Achieve their Dream of Becoming a Registered Nurse.

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"RN Faster" Method

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What will you LEARN by Reading this book?
• A More Focused way to do Nursing Clinicals

• A Proven way to AVOID Classrooms for MOST of Nursing career

• How to STOP Writing Long Term Papers for Pre-Requisites

• Most PAST College Courses COUNT & Transfer - No matter how old

• Why Chemistry & Algebra (& more) may NOT be Required

• To Calculate a Specific Timeline to RN using these techniques

• How ONE Multiple Choice Test Compresses Months of Time

• How to Reduce Education Costs (sometimes as much as HALF)

And much more!

Bypass RN School Wait Lists

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Would you pay $299 to get your exact strategy to RN and possibly save yourself over $10,000 or MORE in school costs (compared to traditional schools) and possibly save yourself 3 years in "waiting list" limbo?

Watch for the video course coming out Spring of 2014!
(Also note, those waiting list years are years you're not making RN avg 60K salary so you have to take that "opportunity cost" into account. These are rounded numbers, there are no guarantees that you will ever become a nurse or get a job as a nurse).

No guarantees of any financial savings or guarantees that you will be accepted into any RN school - or that being an RN is the right career choice for you.

WHAT IS Nursing School COACHING?

"It's MY Calling to help you Achieve YOUR Calling... of becoming a Registered Nurse"

Quote & Mission Statement by Author & Nursing School Coach, Joy Porter

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Listen to someone who was put on a 3 years waiting list - now she'll be an RN way before she enters a traditional program!

Do you have all of your general education courses done? Have college turned them down? Learn how to include most of them no matter how old - get into nursing school faster!!